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Steve Jobs' Timeless Lessons: Navigating Life with Curiosity and Courage

Steve Jobs' speech at Stanford University in 2005 is a very famous talk given by the man who helped start Apple Inc. and Pixar. He told the students three main stories from his own life, each with a special lesson.

Connecting the Dots: Jobs talked about leaving college and how that led him to take classes he really liked, such as calligraphy. At the time, he didn't know how useful this would be, but it later helped make the Apple Macintosh computer very special. He said that even if we can't see how things we do now will help us in the future, we should trust that they will somehow make sense later. This part of his speech tells us to trust in our choices and follow what we're interested in.

Love and Loss: He shared how he was kicked out of Apple when he was 30 and how that bad time turned into a period of creativity, leading him to start new companies like NeXT and Pixar, and then come back to Apple. He wanted to show that even when bad things happen, if we love what we do, we can find our way through tough times. It's important to keep loving your work, especially when things get hard.

Death: The last story was about when he got very sick with cancer and thought he might die soon. This made him think about how important it is to live every day as if it was your last. He said knowing we will die helps us make better choices in life. Jobs told the students to follow their hearts and not let other people's ideas stop them from doing what they truly want to do.

Steve Jobs' main messages were to do what you love, keep going even when things get tough, and remember that life is short, so we should live it fully.

He finished by telling everyone to "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish," meaning always be curious and ready to take on new challenges, no matter how successful you become.


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