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Overcoming Obstacles: Risham's Success Story with Business 2 Business

In an uplifting story of determination and support, Risham’s journey from unemployment to a rewarding career showcases remarkable resilience. With the steadfast assistance of her employment coach, Harkiran, from Business 2 Business, Risham has navigated her way through adversity to find professional and personal fulfilment.

Embarking on this journey during a challenging period in her life, Risham faced significant hurdles. Unemployment for two years had taken its toll on her mental health, eroding her confidence in her abilities and dimming her aspirations in marketing and social media. Her fortunes began to shift upon joining the Restart Programme by Business 2 Business, designed to equip individuals facing employment barriers with the skills and confidence needed to re-enter the workforce.

Guided by Harkiran, Risham was introduced to various employment opportunities through job fairs and searching sessions, marking the start of her remarkable transformation. Her initial role at a call centre served not just as employment but as a pivotal step towards rebuilding her confidence in customer service. The programme’s mindful approach to job referrals, considering Risham’s mental health as a priority, underscored the supportive ethos of Business 2 Business.

Her career took a significant positive turn when she joined a dynamic call centre, where she sharpened her people skills and excelled in customer satisfaction. The ongoing encouragement from her coach, Harkiran, was instrumental in her development. Risham’s career soared to new heights when she secured a position as a Check-in Agent at Swissport, East Midlands Airport, a role she deeply values.

Risham’s transformation has been extraordinary. Beyond her professional achievements, she has emerged as a source of inspiration and support for others, including her sister, whom she is helping to secure a position at Swissport. Her renewed confidence was palpable when she visited Business 2 Business, proudly donning her uniform and sharing her journey with the ESOL class, making a profound impact.

Harkiran, reflecting on Risham’s progress, is immensely proud. From surmounting mental health challenges to flourishing in a beloved job role, Risham’s journey is a testament to her perseverance and the impactful support offered by the Restart Programme. Her narrative is not merely one of personal success; it is a compelling illustration of how dedicated guidance and encouragement can empower individuals to overcome obstacles and realise their dreams. Risham’s story with Business 2 Business serves as a powerful reminder that with the right support, grit, and a bit of faith, transforming life’s trials into victories is within reach.

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