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Where Maths adds up to success!



Multiply offers specialised courses in Money Management and Logistics Routeway, specifically designed for individuals who are unemployed and have achieved below a Grade C or Level 2 in Mathematics.

These courses aim to provide essential skills and knowledge to empower participants in their career development and improve their employability prospects. Through comprehensive curriculum and practical training, Multiply equips learners with valuable insights into effective money management techniques and the principles of logistics and supply chain management.

By addressing the specific needs of individuals who may have faced educational challenges, Multiply aims to bridge the skills gap and create opportunities for personal and professional growth.

These courses are completely FREE for you.


Money Management

The Money Management course offered by Multiply covers a range of valuable skills applicable to everyday life. Participants learn essential techniques such as budgeting, effectively managing money, and handling bills.

By providing practical knowledge and tools, the course equips individuals with the ability to make informed financial decisions, set financial goals, and prioritise spending. These skills are essential for maintaining financial stability, achieving long-term financial well-being, and adapting to changing circumstances.

Whether it's managing personal finances or making informed choices in a professional setting, the Money Management course offered by Multiply prepares participants to navigate various financial situations confidently.


Logistics Routeway

The Logistics Routeway course offered by Multiply not only focuses on providing knowledge and skills specific to the logistics sector but also includes basic math instruction that can be incredibly helpful for those interested in pursuing careers in logistics.

Proficiency in math is essential for various tasks within the logistics industry, such as calculating distances, weights, volumes, and managing inventory. By incorporating basic math training, the course ensures that participants have a solid foundation in numerical skills necessary for performing job roles such as Warehouse Operators, Inventory Managers, Team Leaders and much more!

The aim is to equip individuals with the necessary mathematical abilities to excel in the logistics sector and contribute effectively to the smooth functioning of operations and decision-making processes.

You will also receive a guaranteed job interview once to course is completed.

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