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Interviews Debunking the myths and setting things straight!

You Can Never Be Late:

  • Incorrect. You can be late if you call ahead and offer context (e.g., traffic, family event). Just don’t arrive late without an explanation.

  • Keep Your Answers Short and Sweet:

  • While brevity is good, overly short answers may convey disinterest or lack of understanding. If you need more words to give a killer answer, use them.

  • Always Dress to Impress:

  • Corporate culture is evolving, and dress codes are becoming more laid-back. Know your audience, but remember that a shower is never a bad idea.

  • The Most Qualified Person Gets the Job:

  • Sadly, this isn’t always true. Sometimes the most-connected person or the candidate interviewed later gets the job due to the “recency effect.”

  • Don’t Research Ahead of Time:

  • Research the company, its business model, and what employees share on LinkedIn.

  • The Interviewer Will Always Be Prepared:

  • Recruiters juggle multiple tasks. They might be running in from another interview, so be prepared.

  • The Interviewer Always Knows If You’re Telling the Truth:

  • While honesty is crucial, recruiters can’t always tell. Be genuine but avoid fabricating information.

Remember, preparation and authenticity are key to acing interviews! 😊


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