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Your New Career Advisor - A Review of its Role in Job Searching and Employability

I recently used a chatbot as a job seeker to give me some career advice and guidance, asking it how to make me look more employable and stand out of the crowd when preparing me for an interview.

Check out how I found it below:

The first question I asked:

Can you give me some advice about improving my CV and Cover Letter?

I found this answer good and informative; it has given me the correct points in a concise paragraph.

For the next question, I stated that I have an interest in the retail industry and asked this question:

Which skills should I focus on to make myself more marketable in the retail industry?

The answer is great as it has given me the correct points interviewers look for when hiring.

I asked this question because I’m sure everyone can agree that when writing a cover letter, you can get a bit of writer’s block and struggle to find what to write:

What key elements should I include in my cover letter to stand out to employers?

This answer provides me with the key elements of what to include in my cover letter. I also got it write me an example cover letter for someone who is applying for a position as a customer assistant in the retail industry:

Let’s move on to interviews:

What are common interview questions for my desired role as a customer assistant, and how should I prepare for them?

This answer gives me great questions to practice in an interview and gives great pointers of how to answer them.

This chatbot has proven to be an invaluable resource in my quest for career advice and enhancing CV and Cover Letter. The responses were not only comprehensive but also highly tailored to my individual needs. The chatbot's ability to analyse my skills, suggest specific courses for development, and offer insights into industry trends showcased its advanced capabilities.

The user-friendly interface and the convenience of accessing personalised career insights 24/7 made my experience with the Chatbot exceptionally positive.

Overall, I found it to be a reliable virtual career advisor, providing valuable guidance to navigate the complexities of the job market with confidence and strategic precision.


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