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Ways to make your job adverts more appealing

Differentiating your job adverts from other companies and recruitment agencies, particularly in a competitive industry can be challenging. When creating attractive and persuasive content for your post on online job boards, social media pages and other channels, it is important to encourage prospective employees to take the time to apply for the role that you are promoting. Below are some of the things to consider in order to make your job adverts more appealing.

Include the basics

Even though it may seem obvious, remember to include basic key information about the role you are promoting, usually at the top of the advert, to entice potential applicants.

A recent study from CV-Library investigated the most important factors that professionals in the UK valued, when looking for a new job. The findings showed that 73.8% regarded salary as the most important consideration, closely followed by 66.9% who stated location. On the other hand, only 4.3% of individuals claimed that the company brand was important when job searching. These results prove to be useful when creating job adverts, as it emphasises how most people will prioritise the most basic and obvious information about a potential job role, rather than extensive information about the company’s history and brand. We advise that whether you are designing infographic adverts or written job descriptions, you should clearly state “the basics” this includes the job title, salary/hourly rate, location and estimated contract length. This will enable you to generate engaging and persuasive content that applicants will want to see. It will also allow you to avoid receiving and filtering applications from those not interested.

Include what individuals want right now!

In addition to including the key information relating to the role of your job advert, also mention the things prospective employees are searching for when applying for jobs.

For example, data from LinkedIn has shown that, since March 2020 job searches containing the phrases “remote working” and “work from home” have increased by 60%. Although, almost certainly, this is a result of the Coronavirus lockdown, it demonstrates how recruiters can use trending patterns to influence people to view their job adverts, continue reading and most importantly to apply.

We advise you keep up to date with emerging trends within your industry or globally where relevant. LinkedIn, as well as other job boards regularly release data regarding ongoing changes that could be useful in attracting new talent and staying ahead of your competitors.

Put your benefits in bold

It is important to highlight why experienced and qualified candidates will want to work for your organisation. Although, this can be elaborated at the interview stage, it is useful to promote this right from the first instance, which is usually in the initial job advert.

We suggest including a concise, yet persuasive summary of the amazing things included in the package. This can include, bonus incentives, pension schemes, creche facilities, on-site gyms, flexible working hours, international travel opportunities, CPD incentives to name but a few. You might also wish to check out what your competitors offer, to ensure you attract the top candidates to your organisation.


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