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Transforming Lives Through Employment: Deborah’s second chance at life, post prison

In a world where opportunities are often tied to one's past, it's heartwarming to witness stories of individuals overcoming their obstacles and finding their place in the workforce. At Business 2 Business, we take pride in being a part of such transformations. Today, we share the inspiring journey of Deborah, who not only found employment with our support but also earned a promotion to a supervisor position at One Beyond superstore.


Deborah's Story: A Second Chance Worth Celebrating

Deborah's journey to employment was far from straightforward. She had been struggling to find a job since 2020, facing multiple challenges. One of her primary barriers was childcare, as she had a young child who needed her care and attention. Additionally, Deborah had a past conviction that she believed was hindering her chances of finding meaningful employment.


Overcoming Barriers with Business 2 Business

Recognising the unique challenges Deborah faced, our team at Business 2 Business stepped in to provide her with the support she needed. We knew that helping Deborah blend back into the workforce and her community was crucial for her long-term success.

Here are some of the key ways we supported Deborah:

Job Search Support Sessions: We provided Deborah with access to job search support sessions. These sessions were tailored to her specific needs and circumstances, helping her identify job opportunities and navigate the application process effectively.

Confidence Boosting Sessions: Deborah received one-to-one confidence boosting sessions, which played a pivotal role in motivating her to pursue employment opportunities. Building self-confidence was essential for her journey to success.

Reintegration into the Community of Work: Our team recognised that the transition from being unemployed to joining the workforce can be challenging. We provided Deborah with the necessary guidance and resources to smoothly reintegrate into the working community.

Interview Support: Preparing for interviews is often a daunting task. Deborah received interview support throughout her job search journey, ensuring that she was well-prepared and confident when meeting potential employers.


The Transformation: From Job Seeker to Supervisor

One of the most fulfilling moments in Deborah's journey was when we referred her to One Beyond superstore. They were not only open to considering her for employment but also thrilled to have her as a part of their team. Deborah's determination and the support she received from Business 2 Business were evident from the start.

In a relatively short time, Deborah's hard work and dedication paid off. She was promoted to a supervisor role at One Beyond superstore, a testament to her commitment and capabilities. This promotion not only boosted her confidence but also affirmed her ability to thrive in a professional setting.


Ongoing In-Work Support

At Business 2 Business, our commitment to our participants doesn't end with employment. We understand that transitioning back into the workforce can be challenging, which is why we continue to provide in-work support to individuals like Deborah. We are here for her whenever she requires assistance or guidance in her new role.

Why Hiring Ex-Offenders Benefits Employers

Deborah's story highlights the importance of providing second chances to individuals with past convictions. Hiring ex-offenders can be beneficial to employers in several ways:

Diverse Perspectives: Ex-offenders bring diverse perspectives and life experiences to the workplace, which can foster creativity and innovation within the team.

Loyalty and Dedication: Many ex-offenders are deeply committed to making a fresh start and are highly motivated to excel in their roles, often demonstrating loyalty to their employers.

Deborah's journey from unemployment to a supervisory role is a testament to the power of second chances and the positive impact that organisations like Business 2 Business can have on individuals seeking to rebuild their lives. We are proud to have played a part in Deborah's success and are committed to continuing our mission of providing support, hope, and opportunities to those in need.

If you're an employer considering hiring ex-offenders, remember that you're not just giving someone a job; you're offering a chance for transformation and growth. Together, we can build a more inclusive and compassionate workforce, one second chance at a time.


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