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Read about Ian's journey with us!

Ian was an elderly gentlemen who hadn’t worked in over 8 years, he was made redundant and then became a carer for his sick dad. After his dad passed away Ian took a year out before claiming ESA because of a bad knee. In January Ian was found fit for work and was referred by the Job centre.

Ian had been working as a welder for 30 years beforehand but has not worked in a long time. He was feeling a bit ‘gutted’ when he was found fit for work and he knew he could no longer physically do the work he has previously done. He didn’t want to be pushed into something he wasn’t comfortable with.

Ian had a big break in his career and the labour market had changed significantly in that time. He was not confident using computers and wasn’t sure what he wanted to do moving forward.

Ian’s main barriers were a lack of confidence, as he had not worked for a long time and the labour market had changed significantly since then and the fact that he lacked ID. He wasn’t confident using a computer and needed support with job searching as well as creating CV and cover letters. He was also worried about his face tattoo putting off potential employers.

Whilst on the programme Ian had regular appointments with his coach to increase his confidence and has completed an ICT course to improve his confidence on computers. He has had a CV and cover letters created for him. He was also supported in obtaining a Birth certificate and interview clothing. Ian decided he would like be gain employment in the security industry and has been funded to complete an SIA course through the job centre.

Ian has now managed to gain employment as a Security Guard with CORPS security working full time.

Ian was very happy with the support he received and feels it helped him grow in confidence. He is really looking forward to receiving his first wages after being out of work for such a long time.

“I hadn’t worked for a long time and recruitment had changed a lot. I’ve retrained for a new career and am feeling a lot more confident now.”


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