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Business 2 Business awarded Innovate UK Grant Funding to develop a recruitment portal

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Business 2 Business UK Limited is delighted to announce that it has been awarded grant funding by Innovate UK, through the Fast Start competition to address new and urgent needs in UK and global communities during and following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 outbreak has led to many people being made redundant, whilst simultaneously requiring tens of thousands of new recruits for services critical to managing the Covid-19 outbreak and its aftermath. Business 2 Business will use its Innovate UK grant to develop an innovate recruitment portal which utilises artificial intelligence, to support the recruitment of workers within staff shortage occupations; ensuring hard to fill vacancies receive sufficient applicants and critical services are unimpeded by a lack of staff. This should help save lives and maximise economic activity whilst Covid-19 restrictions remain, lessening the economic downturn and ensuring a rapid return to work for people who have lost their job.

The Job portal, called HeyConvaly, will be able to fill vacancies by matching employers and job seekers. The use of artificial intelligence will remove the need for job seekers to manually search for vacancies and complete application forms, minimising the level of IT and literacy skills required to use the system and making it mobile-friendly so job-seekers can use it whenever they want and wherever they are. Users will also be able to access accurate and up to date employment guidance through an associated helpline.

Business 2 Business UK Limited is a well-known and highly regarded high performing employment support provider with 35 years experience of delivering employability and skills programmes. The Innovate UK grant will help Business 2 Business fast-track the development of the Jobs portal by funding research, development, and project management costs.

Veejay Patel, Managing Director of Business 2 Business, said:

“The grant award by Innovate UK will accelerate the return to work for tens of thousands of people wanting to return to work. We have already identified over 160,000 organisations including employers to form an infrastructure of support throughout the UK for unemployed people. At this stage we are in the development phase and excited at the unique technical advances of this project. The Jobs Portal will be a game changer. We have spoken to all the local enterprise partnerships to ensure this has local impact across the country. The portal has been designed to enhance the performance of the government’s CAEHRS Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers in this sector at this critical time”

Business 2 Business U.K. Limited


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