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Cost-effective Hiring Techniques

Unfortunately, the cost of recruiting a new member of staff is almost never free. Findings from the CIPD Resourcing and Talent Planning survey puts the median cost for hiring all types of employees at £2,000. In most cases, the cost of replacing a previous employee or onboarding a new team member cannot be avoided. However, hiring managers can, to some extent, reduce costs related to advertising and using recruitment agencies by opting for cost-effective recruitment techniques instead.

If you’re a recruiter or hiring manager looking for new staff, check out our savvy tips to keep your recruitment costs low without compromising on the quality of potential employees you can reach.

Encourage employee referrals

Everyone knows someone! When recruiting for a role, especially where there is a tight deadline, use your existing employees to promote the role for you. Even if you choose to provide a financial incentive in exchange for successful introductions, it will still prove to be more cost-effective than promoting your job adverts on expensive job boards or using a recruitment agency.

Your current workforce can promote non-tangible aspects of your organisation, which often cannot be explained in a job description such as your company culture, ethos and office environment. Employees on the frontline will also have a better knowledge of the skills and experience required to successfully carry out the duties required, therefore being equipped to match relevant candidates. Furthermore, current employees can persuade and reach people that otherwise would not see your job advert or apply. Implementing an employee referral scheme will also increase employee engagement and subsequently, staff motivation and morale.

Create open day events

Organising open day events in your workplace are particularly effective if you are planning to recruit large numbers of employees. Promoting the event can be cost-effective by using tools such as Eventbrite and Facebook. The cost of the event itself may only be refreshments.

Open days are a great opportunity to invite prospective employees, local press, job centre’s and recruitment agencies (if you plan to use them). These stakeholders can explore your work environment, innovative technology that you have implemented and hopefully some happy employees. At the end of the tour you can get interested applicants to complete job applications and have your recruitment team ready to interview.

Use social media

Promoting your job vacancies via social media is a great way to interact with other professionals and reach a wider audience. Although, you can invest in paid promotions and boosted posts, you can promote your vacancies by getting involved in relevant conversations, building connections and by using hashtags e.g. #WarehouseJobs #JobsInEastMidlands etc.

LinkedIn is of course the most commonly used social media platform when recruiting. With over 690 million users, LinkedIn is essentially a tremendously large directory of professionals, which you can filter by job role or industry. You can even investigate their skills and experience without a CV and connect with prospective employees. LinkedIn claim that 93% of recruiters use their platform to research and recruit candidates, so if using social media is not already part of your recruitment strategy, it might be worth looking into.

When using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks ensure that you have a detailed profile that demonstrates your company culture and strengths. Also, encourage your employees to share job adverts to help you reach a wider audience.

Use Business 2 Business

We can support you at all stages of your recruitment process. As a trusted recruitment and training provider we can fill vacancies in all sectors. We have proven experience working with small, local organisations as well as international brands who are looking to recruit in large numbers.

Our international talent pool can help cater for temporary, permanent and contract-based staffing needs.

As we are a government funded organisation, Business 2 Business can provide cost-effective recruitment solutions. We can support you by helping to match the perfect candidate to your vacancy, by pre-screening candidates for you to interview, facilitating induction training and carrying out interviews on your behalf.

For more information on how we can help you reduce both the cost and time associated with recruiting new staff, please contact us.


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